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The History, The Route, The Culture & The Texture
No other destinations in Africa evoke the splendor, the magic and sensuality as Zanzibar and Marrakech. During the childhood of many of us, both these cities have fueled our imagination by reading about fearless explorers, rich traders, adventurous hunters and magical destinations. The Island of Zanzibar with its pristine white sandy beaches, the historical town of Stone Town and, on Tanzania mainland, the most untouched landscapes with the largest national parks where wild life has its own kingdom like Selous Game Reserve or Ruaha National Park, just to mention few. Morocco with its fascinating history made of traders going across the Sahara desert having imperial city of Marrakech, also known  as the red city due to its reddish walls protecting its Medina,  as final destination with the Jemaa el Fna Square
Shopping’s kingdom with its large souks. Both Tanzania and Morocco have their roots based on two populations: the Bantu and the Berbers. Marrakech, like in the old days, still represent the final destination after a long journey across the Sahara desert or where a journey through the Atlas Mountains toward the desert begins, bringing supplies to those populations living at the edge of the civilian world. Zanzibar, land of the Omani Sultans and Princess Salomé, who had chosen it as their get away from the heat of the Arabic’s summers. Crossroads of rich commerce, though not always noble such as slave and ivory trade, Zanzibar is worldwide known as the Spicy Island.
THE SPICE ROUTE The Omanis were been the ones who have started cultivations of spices (clove) and exporting them all over the world afterwards. Now a day, spices are still playing an important role and major tourist attraction, also for Morocco.Together with Iran, Spain and Italy, Morocco, is in fact one of the top quality saffron producers Both, Moroccan and Zanzibarian cuisines are largely based on spices and their aromas fulfill the narrow streets of their Souks.After being wandering around and breathed the spice’s aroma of the narrow streets of their magical souks or soon after you have been treated yourself with a spicy body scrub in one of the exotics SPA.
Tanzania may also offer you the opportunity to watch from close the wild life in one of its National Parks or Game reserve, while in Morocco, dramatic nights under the stars in the Sahara desert of Merzuga in one of the many bivouacs awaits. With our properties, we aim to offer you a unique opportunity to experience the thousand and one night’s flavor and a lot more We look forward you to allow us planning your next holidays arranging a journey ranging between colorful and lively souks with their intense aromas rather than the untouched sceneries of the Sahara desert.
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