We offer accommodations in the heart of Stone Town, the history of Zanzibar started here! Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous region of Tanzania in East Africa. It is composed of the Zanzibar Archipelago in the Indian Ocean, 25–50 kilometers (16–31 mi) off the coast of the mainland, and consists of many small islands and two large ones: Unguja (the main island, referred to informally as Zanzibar) and Pemba Island.

House of Spices Accomodation

On the first floor there are four bedrooms (all air-conditioned), three bathrooms and two sitting rooms. This was the floor originally occupied by the trader in the last century, together with hisw ife and their three daughters: Fatma, Aisha and Amina. Every room has its own little treasures: original Zanzibar furnishings, beautifully preserved, in a setting of authentic Swahili architecture. The four attractive rooms can be rented either individually or as an apartment for friends and family travelling together. (max occupancy 7 persons).
Each room carries the name of a spice.

House of Spices Mediterranean Restaurant

On the second floor of the house, there are two terraces which were used for drying the spices before they were packed. One now hosts a restaurant serving a wide selection of dishes, gently scented with spices. The second terrace is a wine bar offering wines from most known wineries around the world, complemented by tapas and snacks. From the wooden oven come fragrant tempting pizzas. Vegetarian and fish dishes are another speciality. From both of the cool and shaded terraces open veranda sides offer rooftop views of the minarets and streets of Stone Town.
Please note the Restaurant is closed on Sundays

Going around stone town nowaday is much easier. Till your hotel's door.

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